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Therapy On The Rocks

Treatments can be enjoyed on our outside redwood decks overlooking beautiful Oak Creek or in one of our cozy indoor rooms.


Group Unwinding, 1 hour

You will learn self-enhancement and personal growth exercises, be treated by John and the group and have a profound mind/body experience. Participants are required to experience a Myofascial Release Session prior to participating in this program.

Intensive Programs

Our intensive program begins with a physical evaluation by our expert staff to identify restrictions within your fascial system that are causing pain immobility and dysfunction. Your treatment sessions will incorporate a variety of hands-on technique, which provide sustained pressure and stretch combined with movement to “melt” and unravel your Myofascial restrictions to enhance the quality of your life.

Introduction to Myofascial Release 60 minutes

A special offer for new clients, which allows you to experience our world-renowned Myofascial Release treatments at this special half-price rate for us to three separate sessions. Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique, which provides sustained pressure and stretch combined with movement to “melt” and unravel our myofascial restrictions, which will eliminate pain, restore motions, and enhance our ability to relax. Optional use of the creek side whirlpool.

Comprehensive Myofascial Release 60 minutes


An in-depth and focused treatment by highly trained professionals using the Myofascial Release techniques for which, we are famous. Optional moist heat, whirlpool or cold pack treatments.

Fascial Facial

This thirty minute hands-on treatment focuses on enhancing a youthful appearance by reducing fascial tension and fine lines while improving collagen elasticity. It is excellent on its own or as a finishing touch in combination with the introductory session.

Inner Journey Workshop 60 minutes

A creative Group or Individual Healing Session, which utilizes guided Imagery Techniques to access Inner Awareness and optimize the healing potential within you. Excellent in combination with Myofascial Release sessions.

Myofascial Freedom

One hour of Group Therapeutic Exercise or ½ hour of Individual Therapeutic Exercise instruction with our trained therapists. Learn how to stretch and release your own fascial restrictions to enhance the quality of your life.

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