Therapy On The Rocks

Myofascial Release is safe, compassionate, and highly effective

Therapy on the Rocks is nestled in the Red Rock Cliffs of an Ancient Avalanche. The flowing waters of Oak Creek Canyon create a tranquil oasis of powerful healing energy. Enjoy the magnificent Sedona/Oak Creek setting from the creekside whirlpool, redwood sunning or treatment decks, and cozy treatment rooms overlooking a fifty-foot waterfall cascading down into beautiful Oak Creek.

Who We Are

We offer individualized treatments to meet your particular needs in a caring and respectful manner by highly trained therapists. We have clients visiting us from all over the world when traditional therapy, medication, or surgery has failed to give the desired results. Therapy on the Rocks is dedicated to the comprehensive delivery of the highest quality utilizing a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach for lasting results.

Therapy On The Rocks

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